Silk Screening vs Heat press

Silk Screening vs Heat press


Have you ever attended an event where there was an instantly made t-shirt? They are pretty cool! First, select a color item and then choose which design. Heat press has gained huge popularity and its ability to create high-quality looking images in a matter of minutes. Silk screening on the other hand is an ancient art and is a lengthy process with numerous steps. 


So what truly is the difference between heat press items and silk screening? Heat-pressed items are fantastic for getting a logo on really quick, it is also super easy to move equipment and do it almost anywhere; however, this does come with its costs. Unfortunately, these items tend to not last as long and can start to peel and fade. This is the reason why silk screening has become a more sought out art. Silk screening has roots in the Song Dynasty but did not truly modernize until the 1900s and traveled worldwide.


Which will be best for me?


BSP had the machinery and ability to work with both types of art, however, we highly recommend using the art of silk screening as it is the most reliable and durable outcome.

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